2016 Festival Wrap-Up

Attendance at last weekend’s festival was twice what it was last year, and with good reason. By the end of the day we’d screened 40 films and heard from over a dozen filmmakers and actors. Programming changes were made based on the feedback we got after our first year. We put more of a focus on local films, we had three times as many Q&A sessions with filmmakers after their screenings, and we spread the Q&A sessions evenly through the day. We also enhanced the red carpet experience.

When asked what her favorite part of the festival was, one attendee answered, “I liked how throughout the night the atmosphere of the festival changed…by the end it kind of felt like you were just a hanging out with your friends or family.” Another attendee explained how hearing from the filmmakers gave her a completely new appreciation for the films she saw.

The ballots are still being tallied, so awards will be announced tomorrow.