Official Selection: Stuck in Mute

The story of a young woman whose Selective Mutism disorder causes her to live in a world of isolation. She struggles to find her way in a society that demands she speak. It’s not until making unlikely friends with a young boy that she begins to realize that every word counts.

Written and directed by Shane Meuwissen of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Official Selection: The Man Crush

You can’t help what the heart wants. For Trevor, he wants the man he’s been waiting for or at least he thinks. In this story, Trevor will confess his emotional feelings toward one guy who isn’t what he expected to be.

Directed by Richard Louprasong, who graduated with an AS degree in Cinema Editing/Post Production at MCTC in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Official Selection: Tuyen

A chance encounter with the refugee girl her neighbor is fostering provides new inspiration for a woman on the verge of giving up.

Director Ivana Basic was born in Yugoslavia. At age 18 she came to London to study acting at Mountview Theatre School.

Music Video for “Offbeat” by Cais Sodré Funk Connection

The first official selection for our May 2016 festival is “Offbeat” by Cais Sodré Funk Connection.

[Our video] shows us the band in a desolate and void industrial location, coexisting with various surreal Gaiman alike characters that personify theirs and ours features, fears, aspirations and more, in a fun and offbeat way.

— Cais Sodré Funk Connection