2018 Festival Wrap-Up!

Our fourth annual festival was a big success! VIP filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York joined local Arizona filmmakers and musicians in seven Q&A panels spread throughout the screenings of nearly 50 short films and music videos at Unscrewed Theater in midtown Tucson. We got some great feedback from attendees, and we’re already looking into how best we can expand our programming for next year.

We’re also tallying up the audience ballots to determine the awards, which will be announced here and on social media later this week. For now…enjoy some photos from the weekend!

Schedule for Sunday, March 25th, 2018

We’ll kick off the event with a red carpet photo shoot and introduction, and will have Q&A panels with VIP filmmakers throughout the day. The following times are approximate.

3:00 – Red carpet & introduction
4:05 – Filmmaker Edina Kishonthy & dream expert Jason DeBord
4:55 – Filmmakers Gary Taylor & Eric Flores
5:15 – Filmmakers Ryan Riffle & Jazzy Boho
6:15 – Filmmakers Rebecca Ruhm, Rob Walker, Avai d’Amico
7:00 – Band The Endless Pursuit
7:30 – Filmmakers Jacob Glass and Ryan Glauser
8:00 – Filmmaker Drew Henriksen

Music Video for “Peaceful Life” by Guts feat. Lorine Chia

A homeless man lies in a crowded street. Ignored by the pedestrians, the old man is robbed of one of his only possessions : a football.
To take it back, the poor man stands up and shows everyone he is not only what he looks like.

Directed by: Sébastien Bellaval
Written by: Sébastien Bellaval and Laetitia Gau

Cinematography: Stefano Forlini

Official Selection: Reactionary

When two lab scientists discover an object hurtling towards the planet, their scientific and personal reactions bring them on a paranoid collision course with one another.

Written and Directed by: Gary Taylor

Cinematography: Brian Roth

Starring: Rhett Crosby and Jon Ingbretson

Official Selection: Checking Out

Two friends ponder love and relationships as they wander through a grocery store hours before one of them has a big date.

Directed by: Joseph Wright Sulek.
Written by: Joseph Wright Sulek, and Rhett O’Hara.

Starring: Brendan K. O’Grady, Jon Mendoza, Liz Rische, and Lana Davis.