Spring 2016 Festival Announcement

The second Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival will be hosted at Studio on Third in downtown Rochester, MN on Sunday, May 1st, 2016. A $10 day pass will get you unlimited access to exclusive, quality short films and music videos from around the world, as well as Q&A panels with filmmakers who attend Apex. Event highlights are below.

2:45 pm – Red carpet and paparazzi, open to all attendees
3:05 pm – Introduction by Avai d’Amico
3:40 pm – Lucked Out followed by Q&A with filmmaker Rob J. Gooding of Minneapolis
4:15 pm – The Man Crush followed by Q&A with filmmaker Richard Louprasong of Minneapolis
4:40 pm – Mister Massive and the Super Squad followed by Q&A with filmmaker David Mair of Vadnais Heights
5:10 pm – Happy Hunting followed by Q&A with filmmaker Justin Lund of River Falls, Wisconsin
6:20 pm – Stuck in Mute followed by Q&A with actor Gavin Nienaber of Minneapolis
6:55 pm – Down in the Park & David Dalton’s Advice for Life followed by Q&A with filmmaker Avai d’Amico and actors Matt Rud and Brandon Lawrence of Rochester
7:30 pm – Dom & Knox followed by Q&A with filmmakers AJ Feind and Aaron Avalon of Rochester
8:20 pm – “Drive By” from Thugs, the Musical followed by Q&A with animator Greg Bro of Stewartville
9:00 pm – Red carpet and paparazzi, open to all attendees

2015’s Award Winning Films and Music Videos

We’re thrilled to announce the winners from our inaugural festival which took place last month in Rochester, MN! Ballots from audiences and judges have been tallied, and new laurel graphics have been designed. It was an exciting competition due to the high caliber of submissions we received. We look forward to next year’s festival with even higher expectations!

Operation A.N.G.E.L.

Howlong Wolf – I’m Gonna Change One Day

Ludwig Linnekogel, For a Better Dream

Michael Forstein, Meat

Jordan Aucella, Late

The First Date

Into the Forest

En Route


Mr. Dentonn

The Prodigy


Wren – Soldiers

P.O.M.I. ft. Rumble DP – People Need People

Aspired – Walk Away

Lena Katina – An Invitation

2015 Festival Wrap-Up

Yesterday was our inaugural event, and it certainly was exciting to have an outlet for short films and music videos in Rochester, Minnesota! Attendees aged 10 to 50+ shuffled in and out through the day. We screened 55 videos and presented 3 Q&A panels with filmmakers who traveled to our festival, and also filmmakers from right here in Rochester.

Our festival was covered by PBS affiliate KSMQ and local documentary series The Rochester Experience.

When asked what the most memorable part of the event was, one of our staff answered, “Hearing kids actually know about a film they saw on our web site, and talking about how excited they were to finally see it.”

The films and music videos alike were all well received. Ballots are still being tallied, but event staff noted that both Intersection and Operation A.N.G.E.L. moved audiences to tears.

Awards will be announced soon!

Official Selection: Meat

Desperate for work, Darren agrees to a one-day trial as a door-to-door meat salesman.

Michael Forstein is a director and producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work has screened at festivals throughout the country including Sundance, SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, AFI Fest, and the Rooftop Films Summer Series. Meat is his directorial debut.

Music Video for “Relativity” by Jesse Mercury

A sci-fi themed music video featuring a dancing cardboard solar system, musical space beings, and an ill tempered robot.

Jesse Mercury is a sci-fi electro-pop musician, making his directorial debut with the music video “Relativity (or: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer).”

Official Selection: The Prodigy

Preparing to embark on a major study in Norway, renowned Child Psychologist, Dr. Russell Winfield, agrees to meet with an institutionalized graduate student who has requested him by name. Hoping to quickly diagnose the young man and return his focus to the study, Dr. Winfield immediately discovers the magnitude of their encounter.

Director David Traverso is a Mathematics professor at a Pennsylvania State University. His career has afforded him ample time to pursue film. He began writing screenplays and quickly discovered a love for storytelling. As a result, he decided to fully fund his own short film project, “The Prodigy.”

Official Selection: Intersection

A man is robbed – then offers to take his attacker to lunch.

Director Jason Honeycutt was born and raised in rural Michigan. He worked three jobs to pay for film school and moved to Los Angeles. This film is based on a true story.