Music Video for “Margaret” by Madeline Silberman

We’re pleased to announce the new music video for Madeline Silberman’s song “Margaret” is an official selection for our festival this summer!


Official Selection: Theatre

A new hairdresser styles an old client

This adorable short film with a twist ending was directed by Iván Ruiz Flores of Madrid, Spain.


Music Video for “Soldiers” by Wren

This music video was directed by Clare Conway, an emerging artist, writer, and director from Melbourne, Australia. She provided the following statement about the video.

This music video was born through the inspiration Wren handed me with this track ‘Soldiers’. Having a strong, epic, cinematic feel, I knew I could go as big as I wanted (and include some slow motion galloping in amour!). For me it was important to show the range of emotions communicated through the lyrics, but ultimately reveal a strong and powerful individual moving forward – and fighting for this. Jess’s (Wren) performance encapsulated this through and through.


Official Selection: Corinthian

In the world of bare knuckle boxing two people fight for more than victory.

Directed by Mark A. C. Brown and Frederic Fournier.

Mark and Fred have worked together for several years with Braine Hownd Films. Corinthian is their first film as co-directors.

Be certain to follow this team, as they’re surely destined for greatness.


2015 Festival Announcement

Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival will be hosted at C4’s Creative Salon (map) in downtown Rochester, MN this August 29th, 2015. A $10 day pass will get you unlimited access to exclusive, quality short films and music videos from around the world, as well as Q&A panels with filmmakers who attend Apex.

See complete programming details here.

Submissions may win one of these awards:
• Best Music Video
• Best Film (under 10 minutes)
• Best Film (10-20 minutes)
• Best Film (21-45 minutes)
• Best of your genre
• Best Acting
• Best Screenplay
• Best Cinematography
• Best Soundtrack
• People’s Choice

Awards will be announced Sunday, September 20th.