Music Video for “Watch it Burn” by Tasha the Amazon

Shot during a snowstorm, this video takes the title concept literally, with Tasha wielding a flamethrower to light a raging bonfire while fireworks explode in the night sky. Think Kanye West at the Brits 2015, but way more turnt up.
Directed by Colin G Cooper

Official Selection: In a Dream

KATE, a young office worker and aspiring pet portrait painter, is determined to find a mysterious man who keeps appearing in her dreams at night. Her acerbic co-worker and best friend, HEATHER, does not share Kate’s conviction the Dream Man even exists, and she begins to get seriously concerned about her friend’s state of mind when Kate sets out on a desperate quest to find the man based on clues she believes to be receiving from him. During her search, she goes through awful dates and mishaps – but the surprise ending provides revelations about the triumph of friendship, the benefits of adopting a pet, and the importance of following our dreams.

Directed by Edina from Los Angeles, CA

Announcing the Fourth Annual Apex

The fourth annual Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival will again be hosted at Unscrewed Theater in sunny Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, March 25th from 3 pm to 8 pm.

A $5 day pass will get you unlimited access to a red carpet photo shoot, exclusive short films and music videos from around the world, and Q&A panels with filmmakers from all over the southwest. Complete programming details will be announced closer to the event.

We hope to see you again this year!

2017 Wrap-Up and Award Winners

Our third annual festival took place last weekend in Tucson, Arizona and was a huge success. We screened 40 films and audiences got to chat with 8 filmmakers during Q&A panels.

A surprise celebrity guest even came all the way from Pakistan! We got to meet Taher Shah who is known for his viral video “Eye to Eye.”

Ballots from audiences and judges have been tallied, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners. It was an exciting competition due to the high caliber of submissions we received. We look forward to our next festival with even higher expectations!

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Schedule for Sunday, January 15th, 2017

We’ll kick off the event with a red carpet photo shoot and introduction, and will have Q&A panels with filmmakers throughout the day. The following times are approximate.

3:00 pm – Red carpet & Introduction
3:35 pm – Manuel Ontiveros
4:15 pm – Matthew Ramirez
4:50 pm – Rob Walker
5:30 pm – Avai d’Amico
6:20 pm – Peter Leon
7:00 pm – Matt Chesin
8:20 pm – Nickolas Duarte & Drew Grubich
8:45 pm – Bradford Uyeda