Schedule for Sunday, March 25th, 2018

We’ll kick off the event with a red carpet photo shoot and introduction, and will have Q&A panels with VIP filmmakers throughout the day. The following times are approximate.

3:00 – Red carpet & introduction
4:05 – Filmmaker Edina Kishonthy & dream expert Jason DeBord
4:55 – Filmmakers Gary Taylor & Eric Flores
5:15 – Filmmakers Ryan Riffle & Jazzy Boho
6:15 – Filmmakers Rebecca Ruhm, Rob Walker, Avai d’Amico
7:00 – Band The Endless Pursuit and filmmaker Josh Shelton
7:30 – Filmmakers Jacob Glass and Ryan Glauser

Music Video for “All the Nightmares” by Katodelic Pictures

On January 10th a young girl finds a little wooden box and a mysterious map in her closet. The following morning she embarks on the sentimental journey of the special significance.
The film and its music have been released on the 1st anniversary of David Bowie’s death, to whom they have been dedicated.

Directed by – Paweł Cichoński

Story by – Paweł Cichoński, Grzegorz Drożdż, Łukasz Klimasara, and Łukasz Winkler

Music by – Grzegorz Drożdż, Maciej Henel-Celis, Łukasz Klimasara, Tomasz Kulisz, Wiktor Pacan, and Łukasz Winkler