2018 Award Winners

Audience ballots from the weekend have been tallied, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners. It was an exciting competition due to the high caliber of submissions we received. We look forward to our next festival with even higher expectations!

Best Film: SUPER DAD by Maria Pretzl
Best Music Video: RESCUE OF A BIRTHDAY PARTY by Brass Department
Best Folk Video: I KILLED THEM BOTH by Wayna Hancock
Best Foreign Film: SWAMP AFFAIR by Aleksi Puranen
Best Drama: PAUSE by Ryan Glauser
Best Production Design: IN A DREAM by Edina Kishonthy
Best Rock Video: SOLA by Jonathan Nix
Best Costume Design: ASHAGETA by Vary Demidova
Best Hip Hop Video: WATCH IT BURN by Tasha the Amazon
Best Cinematography: LIKE A CHILD by Bold Sun
Best Animated: BATTLE OF THE MILLENNIAL MIND by Jazzy Boho
Best Thriller: FOLLOWER by Eric Flores
Best Western: POWER OF PRAYER by Drew Henriksen
Best Sci Fi: REACTIONARY by Gary Taylor
Best Comedy: LOCKER ROOM MASCOT MASSACRE by Joseph Dutra