2015 Festival Wrap-Up

Yesterday was our inaugural event, and it certainly was exciting to have an outlet for short films and music videos in Rochester, Minnesota! Attendees aged 10 to 50+ shuffled in and out through the day. We screened 55 videos and presented 3 Q&A panels with filmmakers who traveled to our festival, and also filmmakers from right here in Rochester.

Our festival was covered by PBS affiliate KSMQ and local documentary series The Rochester Experience.

When asked what the most memorable part of the event was, one of our staff answered, “Hearing kids actually know about a film they saw on our web site, and talking about how excited they were to finally see it.”

The films and music videos alike were all well received. Ballots are still being tallied, but event staff noted that both Intersection and Operation A.N.G.E.L. moved audiences to tears.

Awards will be announced soon!