We’re Expanding: Announcing Apex South this Winter in Tucson!

The third Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival will be hosted in sunny Tucson, Arizona this December. A $10 day pass will get you unlimited access to a red carpet photo shoot, exclusive short films and music videos from around the world, and Q&A panels with filmmakers who attend Apex. Complete programming details will be announced here in coming months.

Submissions may win one of these awards:
• Audience Choice
• Best Music Video
• Best Film (under 10 minutes)
• Best Film (10-19 minutes)
• Best Film (20-49 minutes)
• Best in your genre
• Best Acting
• Best Screenplay
• Best Cinematography
• Best Soundtrack

Official Selection: Archway 0173

Tom is fascinated by an old telephone bought at an auction. It doesn’t work, the line is dead. Suddenly, it rings connecting Tom with Isabelle, a young girl in 1940. After sharing conversations on the telephone Tom makes a frightening discovery that threatens Isaeblle. Can he warn her in time?

A science fiction film by Pat Knight.